10 Best Camping Destinations in the U.S.A

Camping is a relaxing way to enjoy nature and spend time with your family. These are many of the best camping destinations in the USA for families with kids, making them ideal campgrounds for your next trip.

There are few places in the whole world that can offer a more majestic experience than America’s great wilderness. The USA is blessed with a number of astounding camping destinations, providing plenty of amazing sites for those who want to live a quick, easy and modern life.

Unlike in other countries, where camping ground is generally considered to be first and foremost an outdoor activity among those who have time to do it, Americans are exceptionally eager to experience the advantages of outdoor living in the middle of the wilderness – something that offers peace and tranquillity.

From the camper who takes their cash residence with them to the survivalist that places a little hiking backpack on and goes away for a month, we chose place for everyone.

We discovered urban camping sites where food delivery is a phone call away, and trails far from world, where no one can hear you sound. Coastal sites, desert oases, mountainous climbs, and dusty valleys are all denoted. If you like pitching a tent, hanging a hammock, or unwinding on a bedroll, one of the 10 best places to camp in the U.S. will fit you.

10 Best Camping Destinations in the USA:

Camping is one hobby that you should never give up on when life gets busy. Choose your next camping destination with these top 10 best campsites in the USA. Here’s the best choices of master travelers who love camping.

The Northeast

1. Acadia National Park, Maine:

Acadia National Park
Acadia National Park

Trying to find a special and unique experience? Hike to the top of Cadillac Hill, the acme along the North Atlanticcoast was well as the first person in the United States to see the sunlight surge that early morning.

When you check out Acadia National Park in Maine, you have nearly 50,000 acres of mountains or hills, pine forests and sea sights discover. There are a number of various camping areas within the park, consisting of Blackwoods Camping site, Seawall Camping Area and Schoodic Woods Camping Site. On Island au Haut, an island off the coastline of Maine, there is additionally a campground called Duck Harbor Camping site, which is obtainable by mailboat just.

Every camper any kind of ability degree will certainly locate something to enjoy in Acadia. Go out right into the waves for swimming in the slice, boating, angling, or getting Maine lobster. Tackle Cadillac Mountain if you’re searching for an upright climb. Go deep right into the timbers in any kind of instructions. For whatever you desire out of your outdoor camping experience, Acadia gives.

Where to camp:

The park has 3 camping areas

  • Blackwoods (5 miles from Bar Harbor).
  • Seawall, an extra rustic, much less touristy environment.
  • Schoodic Woods, which is bordered by water on the Schoodic Peninsula.

While site visitors can enjoy hiking, treking throughout the entire park, the authorities jus permit outdoor camping in these assigned locations.

When it’s open:.

Blackwoods campground is open year-round, although individuals require a permit to camp right here from December to March.

Seawall is open from late May with September.

Schoodic is open from late May till very early October.


Blackwoods costs $30 per site for night from May to October and also $15 in April and November. It’s complimentary December to March.

Seawall and Schoodic will certainly establish you back $22 for a walk-in site, plus an added $8 to $18 for drive-up camping tent, camper, and recreational vehicle sites.

For more details go to the park’s website


  • Fresh lobster cooked in your camp


  • Weather changes are sudden and drastic


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